Pure Copper Sheet

Pure Copper Sheet

Ahuja Metal Industries is the leading manufacturer of Pure Copper sheet. We supply Copper Sheets in pan India and maintain boundless inventions in manufacturing world-class products. High in purity, our Copper Sheets have optimum electrical conductivity, tensile strength and several other working properties.

These Pure Copper Sheets are extensively used for a variety of applications such as electrical and electronic equipment, telecommunication, utensils, switches, handicrafts, distilleries, transformers, motors, construction, roofing, plumbing, industrial machinery, heat exchanger, kitchen sink, bath tubs, table tops, jewellery, railing, door knobs, pull handles, filtration pipes, musical instruments, DIY, furniture, embossing, research and development, arts and crafts and other applications. Since Copper Sheets have high conductivity they are essential for use in electrical sector. Plus, they have also become the frugal choice for their great addition to home décor as modern utensils and decorative art pieces.

At Ahuja Metal Industries, we manufacture our Copper Sheets under a well-organized latest infrastructure with high-end technology and futuristic machinery by utilizing first-grade basic material. Our sheets are very versatile and diversely used for everything to craft electric conductors for circuit boards, solar energy appliances, battery terminals and more to improve their performance. Highly innovative, our sheets come along with outstanding features such as smooth, durable, fine finish, soft, malleable-annealed, and good strength.

Benefits of our Pure Copper Sheets:

  • High Conductivity
  • Extra Soft for Utensil Manufacturing
  • Smooth and clean surface
  • Easy to recycle without losing original properties
  • Highest Purity of Copper
  • Highly flexible- easy to bend.

With expertise in the metal industry, we manufacture and supply pure Copper Sheets which are highly opted for making industrial products. The assorted range is available with us as Annealed (Soft), Quarter Hard (QH), LHA, Full Hard (FH), Half Hard (HH), and Spring Hard (SH). You can choose these sheets in different shapes, thicknesses, sizes and also manufacturing Pure Copper Circle.

Size and Thickness





ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch).

DHP (Deoxidized High Phosphorous Copper).

Cu 99%, Cu 97%, Cu 94%, Cu91%.

*Any other composition as per order can also be manufactured.


Thickness- 0.10 mm to 8 .00 mm.

Width- 1 Inch to 60 Inch (50 mm to 1525 mm).

Length- 1 inch to 110 inches (50 mm to 2800 mm).

Physical Properties-

Annealed (Soft), LHA, Quarter Hard (QH), Half Hard (HH), Full Hard (FH) and Spring Hard (SH).