KP Copper Circle

KP Copper Circle

AHUJA METAL INDUSTRIES is listed on the top when it comes to manufacturing, supplying, distributing, or exporting KP Copper Circle and Copper Circle. Matchless quality and smooth performance of products in the respective applications have drawn clients from different industrial segments. We can manufacture a wide range of copper circles in multiple ranges.

Depending on requirements, the thickness of the copper circle can generally range between 0.3 mm and 25 mm (diameter 3″ to 8″). The thickness for the circle diameter of 8″ to 1300 mm can range between 1.2 mm and 25 mm depending on your requirement.  Additionally, all our Industrial Copper Circles meet international quality standards.

Why Choose Us for KP Copper Circle

At Ahuja Metal, we stand abreast of the industry requirements and try to keep in stock many sizes and shapes of KP copper circles for immediate delivery. Custom sizes can be made based on clients’ specific requirements. The products can be delivered in the correct dimensions that are most suitable to cater to needs.

Our attempt to meet the utmost level of manufacturing standards empowers a speedy stride for the business and good economic results for our valuable clients. The confidence begins with our proficiency, knowledge, hard-working team, use of advanced technologies and machines, and the ability to meet complex clients’ requirements.

Our Manufacturing Unit

We have built a highly sophisticated and exceptional infrastructure that supports day-to-day activities. The manufacturing units are equipped with modern technologies, and tools that strengthen our manufacturing capabilities. Moreover, our team of highly motivated, qualified, and experienced staff in production and sales has the ability to meet the growing demand of the industry. During the manufacturing, the team conducts multiple quality checks of KP Copper Circle & Copper Circle to ensure they meet the requirements of clients. We always focus on our commitment i.e. to remain committed to meeting customer-specific requirements.


Thickness- 0.10 mm to 8 .00 mm.

Width- 1 Inch to 60 Inch (50 mm to 1525 mm).

Length- 1 inch to 110 inches (50 mm to 2800 mm).

Physical Properties-

Annealed (Soft), LHA, Quarter Hard (QH), Half Hard (HH), Full Hard (FH) and Spring Hard (SH).






CuZn15 (85:15), CuZn30 (70:30) , CuZn35 (65:35), CuZn37 (63:37), CuZn40 (60:40).

*Any other composition as per order can also be manufactured.