Commercial Brass Sheet

Commercial Brass Sheet

Ahuja Metal has gained success in the market by manufacturing and supplying a remarkable gamut of Commercial Brass sheets at reasonable prices. Committed to on-time product delivery, we have tied up with the country’s leading distribution networks that enable us to deliver products within a pre-determined timeline. Our products are of varied sizes and thicknesses and can be provided in any temper. Thus they are perfect for ample commercial and industrial applications. These brass sheets are also used for architectural features and accents.

Key specifications include Soft, LHA, Quarter Hard, Half Hard, Full Hard, Extra Hard, and Spring Hard. Manufactured by using top-quality raw materials, these brass sheets are extremely durable, sturdy, ductile and can be used for electrical and automotive spare part manufacturing units. Also, they are available at reasonable prices.

Why Our Commercial Brass Sheets

Because we manufacture brass sheets that have a superior finish appearance, excellent durability, accurate thickness, and matchless performance. The products also offer high tensile strength and deep drawing ability. We manufacture them using quality brass raw material.

Quality Assurance

Ahuja Metal and its team are completely dedicated to the best quality product delivery. That’s why we incorporate advanced and modern tools in our state-of-the-art manufacturing units. And we have appointed a team of quality inspection departments that consists of highly experienced quality checkers who ensure the product quality is well maintained and improved at every stage of production.

Our quality control process involves testing manufacturing facilities, tools, and units. The goal is to check whether they are in line with the specifications for the final product. Our team also makes comprehensive inspections of products at every stage during the manufacturing process , right from the procurement of raw material– on the production line – and on final inspection of product.

What else? Commercial Brass Sheet is manufactured in our highly sophisticated manufacturing facilities by a team of highly qualified, motivated, and experienced staff in production and sales. The team caters to customers’ ever-growing quality and service expectations. In the current scenario of very high fluctuation of prices- we are committed to timely deliveries of Brass Sheets as per the commitments made.



ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch).

DHP (Deoxidized High Phosphorous Copper).

Cu 99%, Cu 97%, Cu 94%, Cu91%.

*Any other composition as per order can also be manufactured.


Thickness- 0.10 mm to 8 .00 mm.

Width- 1 Inch to 60 Inch (50 mm to 1525 mm).

Length- 1 inch to 110 inches (50 mm to 2800 mm).

Physical Properties-

Annealed (Soft), LHA, Quarter Hard (QH), Half Hard (HH), Full Hard (FH) and Spring Hard (SH).






CuZn15 (85:15), CuZn30 (70:30) , CuZn35 (65:35), CuZn37 (63:37), CuZn40 (60:40).

*Any other composition as per order can also be manufactured.